Samstag, 27. Februar 2010

nice to know !

TZR250 3MA chassis with single sided swingarm of a Honda NC 30 ( VFR400RR)
with a three spoke ducati 916 wheel in it with the size of 5,5 X 17

In the pic above the linkage is missing! Maybe this would be the major problem by replacing the swingarm of the 3MA. You have to explore the right linkage angles and customize the shock mountings. Even the schock length has to be explored.
Nice project but a lot of work to do .

"The main chassis specifications (at static sag) are pretty much ideal with this combination:

(The reason why our SZR660 work so well with the Showa fork in it !!!!)

  • Wheelbase = 1368 mm
  • Headstock angle = 23.6 degrees
  • Trail = 100 mm "

Here is the link to the TZR/RD350 project.

Supermono greetings !